Supplement Rx is more than just a supplement company, we offer a 360 degree solution to encompass all your fitness. Just take their words for it :)

Supplement RX is an exceptional company to work with.  Ryan Burington, our National Account Manager, is a pleasure to work with and made it an easy choice to start carrying Supplement RX in our fitness facility.  As a dietitian, I have always been very hesitant about promoting and even selling supplements, but knowing that Supplement RX products are produced in FDA registered labs puts me at ease.  I was also convinced that this was a great product for us when I had more energy after starting the Daily Essentials for Women.  I have no problem promoting this product to our members, because I personally see the benefits that come from using the Supplement RX products.  Oh and the RX Meal shakes taste great and is one of our top sellers.– Sarah M. Agena-Wright, MS, RD

Sarah M. Agena-Wright, MS, RD
Flexible Nutrition Solutions
Phone: 715-252-5981

As an integral part of the sales and personal training process, Supplement Rx provides tools to make sure supplements are being recommended to each member…The Supplement Recommender embedded in the Visual Fitness Planner software provides a customized approach to the Supplement Rx products… Supplement Rx creates a way for us to hold our staff members at Gold’s Gym accountable for their supplement sales and creates a way to be able to gage our success.
Over the years, we have sold many national brands of supplements. Since we have launched our exclusive Supplement Rx campaign, our profits have increased dramatically. In comparison to last year’s first quarter to this year’s first quarter we are up 350% and in our downtown Los Angeles location alone we are up 600%! As you can imagine we are very excited about our success with Supplement Rx.– Mike Kennedy

Mike Kennedy
Director of Training
Gold’s Gym – North Hollywood, Hollywood, Downtown LA, Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley


After a long and diligent comparison to other supplement programs, we chose Supplement Rx because of the ease of implementation, the staff buy-in and the exclusivity to fitness. We are big advocates of supplementation in someone’s diet. Supplement Rx is a company we found that not only had supplementation, but they also have technology that helps prescribe what supplement someone would need based on their goals.”– Jeff Skeen

Jeff Skeen
Titan Fitness dba Fitness Connection
CEO, President


We are pleased with everything!  Carrying Supplement Rx at our facilities was an easy choice once we learned about the products and system.   We could see it was designed for health clubs and made the most sense for us to offer our members the right supplement solution.  There are many ways to implement and become successful with Supplement Rx.  We were able to integrate the supplement recommender right into our Visual Fitness Planner.  This tool has helped the staff make it so easy and effective in selling products.  The launch, training and support we continue to receive is fantastic.  Only a few months after launch did we run into one issue….We can’t keep certain products on the shelves.   We look forward to continued success at our clubs and with our members.– Bobbi Sargenti

Bobbi Sargenti
Operations Manager
Zeus Fitness, LLC
Gold’s Gym Modesto, Stockton, Oakdale, Pleasanton & Monterey


Why did I choose Supplement Rx? I like the concept of RX (fitness prescription for life).  We prescribe personal training and it fits into our culture.  The nutrition planning platform integrates with P.T. nicely.  Also, I refuse to use any supplements not pharmaceutical grade nor manufactured in a FDA registered facility. [Prior to the implementation of Supplement Rx], supplements were $0 [in ancillary revenue] and each club averaged $12-$18k in personal training. In the first 3 months of integrating Supplement Rx, the average supplement sales was $5,500 per month and [continued] increasing at $1,500 per month.  Personal training is averaging $52,000 per location which is a 288% increase. Our ultimate goal is to maintain 100% of clients on the meal plan, and [increase] supplement sales per location to $12-$15K a month in the next 6 months.– Jamie Nelson

Jamie Nelson
Xperience Fitness Clubs