Visual Fitness Planner is the only imaging technology that helps clubs attract more, sell more, and retain more members

Visual Fitness Planner

With the unique Supplement Recommender built right into the Visual Fitness Planner software, fitness is a snap! Visual Fitness Planner is the only imaging technology that helps clubs attract more, sell more, and retain more members. VFP shows prospects / members exactly what results they can achieve, if they utilize a nutritional plan, cardiovascular and resistance training, and your clubs nutritional products. VFP utilizes 3D technology to illustrate the dramatic benefits of weight loss and exercise which lowers all major health risks.



  • Increases new Membership Sales
  • Drives value in membership through differentiation
  • Increases member’s emotional readiness to purchase personal training and other paid-for services
  • Increases show ratio for new members to the Orientation System
  • Educates members on value of exercise adherence and personal training
  • Increases Member Retention
  • Increases Employee Retention
  • Through customization, the system becomes THE TRAINING PLATFORM for new employees
  • Completely customizable technology platform IDENTICALLY mirrors existing processes. Your club does not have to “implement ANOTHER NEW SYSTEM”. We will mirror existing systems and streamline the process so that training is EASIER, rather than simply adding one more thing that must be trained upon and implemented
  • Visual Fitness Planner becomes the ideal training support for your company by learning your system. We will build your system and therefore know your system so that we can support employee training.
  • System is adaptable to your changing company needs
  • Provides consistency in company message every presentation
  • Improves employee training and accountability


  • Complete Health Risk Appraisal w/Physician’s Release print function
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Integrated “Factors of Fitness” FLASH Programming
  • Health Age Calculation
  • Automated PAR-Q and Liability Release w/print function
  • Corporate/Community Outreach module with aggregate data reporting
  • Automatic E-mail Function
  • Complete Fitness Assessment Platform
  • Membership and PT Price Presentation modules
  • Habit Tracker Calculator
  • Before & After Imaging
  • On-site training, installation and launch services
  • On-demand web-cast employee training


Downloadable PDF Files:

–          Fitness Business News

–          FM MAG Assessment Software

–         VFP in Fitness Business News